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Coach Kuba Earns His B License

By TE Admin, 01/07/19, 7:45PM CST


This past August through December, Kuba Piotrowski (Bu17 Red, Bu13 Red, Bu10 Orange, and Gu15 HS) completed and passed his coursework for his National B Level Coaching License.  This was no small accomplishment.  It involved three trips to Kansas City, Kansas, for a total of 14 days, for classwork, fieldwork, and his final presentation and exam. 

Back here in Evanston, while coaching his four teams, he worked with his players using new skills he was developing related to the course objectives of Coaching Games, Coaching Training Sessions, Leading the Team, Leading the Player, and Managing the Environment.  

This course entailed a lot of reading and writing in addition to conducting interviews with players and others associated with the club, as well as creating video recordings of a player interview, his running of two training sessions, and finally of two pre-game and half-time talks with his teams.

We are proud of Kuba’s efforts to learn more about how to be an effective and skilled soccer coach and we are lucky to have him as a member of our coaching staff.  Congratulations to Coach Kuba!