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Team Evanston 2019-20 Tryout Results


Important Tryout Information

All U06-U12 players interested in joining Team Evanston, please read the important info below:

  • Please see the tryout schedule above for exact times and dates.
  • The tryout fee is $30. 
    • FREE trial for U6 (2014) & U7 (2013) 
  • Player's need to attend both dates if at all possible. If you have a conflict, please notify us via email.
  • Players should to arrive 20 minutes before the start of the tryout and bring the following:
    • cleats
    • socks over shin guards
    • water bottle
    • soccer ball
  • Paperwork - please register online, so that you do not need to bring any paperwork.
  • Age Group Chart:
    • Born in 2014 U06
      Born in 2013 U07
      Born in 2012 U08
      Born in 2011 U09
      Born in 2010 U10
      Born in 2009 U11
      Born in 2008 U12


  • To find out more about our tryout selection process, please check the next article.
  • Click here to find out the answers to some frequently asked questions.

** New players must show proof of age to the leagues (IWSL & YSSL) by providing either a copy of their birth certificate or passport.  If you do not upload a copy while registering online, please make sure you provide us a copy at tryouts.**

Tryout Selection Process


The mission of the Team Evanston Soccer Club is to provide the best possible tryout process for every player and ensure that they are placed on a team that best reflects their ability and potential for success on the field.

General Information

Tryouts usually take place in late May and typically consist of two tryout dates per age group/gender. Additional dates may be added in case of inclement weather. Once players have tried out, the tryout selection committee will meet and determine team placement. Results are typically posted within a week of the last tryout date.

Tryouts are open to boys and girls U06-U12. 

Team Selection 


The tryout committee will evaluate all players and place them on a team that best reflects their ability and potential for success on the field. The tryout committee is made up of club coaches and trainers. The tryout field sessions consist of various drills, games, and exercises relevant to each age group. Players are divided in small groups and given an opportunity to show their ability in various game situations.

Once all field sessions are complete, the tryout committee meets and deliberates on team selections. The tryout committee evaluates players on the following criteria:

1. Tryout Performance - Players will be evaluated on the four core components of soccer:

  • Technical Skills
  • Tactical Awareness
  • Physical Abilities
  • Psychosocial Aspects

2. Previous Season Performance

  • Development - how much the player has improved from the beginning to the end of the season
  • Commitment - attendance, focus, and desire to play
  • Game Impact - dependent on position, how the player influences the outcome of games
  • Head Coach Evaluations for returning players


Team Evanston and the tryout committee recognize that tryouts are extremely important to players and families. Often, there is a lot of pressure on the players to perform at their best in a short amount of time. Thus, it is the club’s goal to make sure every player is evaluated accurately. By using an evaluation system that utilizes multiple criteria, the tryout committee ensures that its final decision on team placement is objective and holistic.

For example, certain players perform really well in game situations when they are playing in their position, but when placed in a tryout, they simply do not show well. There are multiple reasons for this common occurrence: nervousness, inability to show well on a small field, playing a position the player is not used to. Similarly, certain players perform really well in tryouts but struggle to make an impact throughout the season.

Taking these factors into consideration, the tryout committee discusses all possible aspects when making player and team selections. Every decision is made after a thorough review of all available information on every player. It is important for parents to recognize that a decision to place a player on a team is never made unilaterally but through group deliberation and consensus. This ensures a fair and objective tryout selection process.

Missing/Incomplete Tryouts

As mentioned before, the club takes a holistic approach to player and team selection. That is, multiple factors are taken into consideration when making the final decision on placement. The club recognizes that outside factors such as injuries, family and school commitments, and travel plans may conflict with tryouts. The club will always give players opportunities to make up a tryout by attending another age group/gender’s tryout, however, it is important for parents to understand that in order for a player to have the best possible evaluation, that player needs to attend all tryouts for his/her age group. It is the parent’s responsibility to check the tryout schedule and ensure that the player attends all tryouts, as well as contact the club if there is a conflict with any of the dates or times.